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Guaranteed $100,000 Life Insurance Coverage

Regardless of Health

Age 18 to Age 85 (age 0-  17 with a parent or guardian)


* Coverage can start as soon as tomorrow

* No waiting period to receive benefits

* Must be Legal US Resident or US Citizen to qualify

For anyone who:

* Can't find affordable Life Insurance

* Has been denied coverage for health, age, or financial 

* Wants to supplement a Life Insurance portfolio

* Prefers a no-hassle application and approval 

* Needs $100,000 guaranteed coverage up to 85th birthday

* Wants coverage immediately

This is a Group Life Policy 

Just like Employers offer to their Employees.   

Coverage is offered to Members of an Association that is exclusively represented by our brokerage in 40 States. 


$100,000 Life Insurance Benefit

per each insured person

Flat rate, regardless of Age, Gender or Heath   

*  One Person    $30 / mo.   Total cost  = $360 / yr

*  Two  People    $50 / mo.   Total cost  = $600 / yr 

*  Family (3+)     $75 / mo.   Total cost  = $900 / yr     


Maximum cost per Family is capped at $75 / mo.


There is a one-time association enrollment fee of $50, total, regardless of the number of people enrolled.  The $50 one-time association enrollment fee is paid directly to the association at the time of application.   


The monthly Association Membership cost ($30, $50, or $75 as listed above) is paid is paid directly to the Association on the day that coverage begins.  Each month thereafter,  the monthly Association Membership cost is paid by auto-draft from your credit card or debit card.             
* Covered after a 2-year waiting period

Health conditions cleared by a doctor 90 days prior to insurance effective date.

Will Not pay a benefit for:
      Death from pre-existing conditions
     Death or dismemberment related to drug use, intoxication, illegal acts or self-harm
     Death or dismemberment due to participation in war, riots or civil commotions
     Death or dismemberment sustained during aviation other than commercial flights


Rated "A" (Excellent) Since 1975 

The Life Insurance Company has rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company consistently since 1975.  The rating represents a current and independent opinion from A.M. Best Company, the leading provider of insurance company ratings, regarding financial strength and ability to meet obligations to policy holders.

The Life insurance Benefit is month-to-month.  You can quit any time. But as long as you pay the monthly membership charge, the life insurance will remain in force up to age 85.